“I love the deodorant, so nice!!  ”

Cheryl Kowalk


“I love the face cream, a little goes a long way!”



“The face cream is so nice and light, I love it.”

-Chelsea Duncan


Testimonial from Shirley Canada regarding a skin cream product I made to assist her with a problem that she’s been having for a while during the winter months of itchy skin.

Shirley has been to see numerous doctors and spend hundreds of money on creams that haven’t assisted her at all in being able to sleep at night. She’s been putting ice packs on her arms every night in order to sleep and then getting up in the middle of the night to switch them out so that she won’t scratch her arms.

I again took a couple of days to do some research on what I could do to help her out. Here’s Shirley’s testimonial when I checked in to see how things were going for her.

“Hi Kerri, well 5 nights and mornings on the cream, pleased to say 5 nights with NO ice packs, still a little itching, but 90 better. I’m so happy with this cream, better than the doctors cream.”

-Shirley Canada


Testimonial from Diana Halbert regarding a couple of products that I made to assist her with Rosacea. Diana was telling me that she has had issues finding facial products for.

“I just bought a bar of soap that is supposed to be excellent for Rosacea and it burns my skin… I would love some form of a face cleanser and a non greasy cream for my skin if you could figure something out…”

I did some research for a couple days on the best way to assist Diana with her questions and did come up with 3 all natural products for her. A face wash, a facial toner and a face cream. The testimonial below is why I work so hard to assist people in an all Natural non Chemical way.

“The wash and spray are wonderful!

Omg my skin feel amazing!”

-Diana Halbert


Testimonial regarding the Excema Cream and Rosacea!

“Absolutely Love it!! (Rosacea products)

My husband’s hands are not as bad as usual. His eczema is hardly on his hands. He is very happy.”

-Rene Flear


“That joint cream is awesome.  Even a cortisone shot didn’t help my neck pain!! But last night I used your cream and the pain is gone.”

-Haley Randall


“The eye shadow is to die for love love love it.”

-Cathy Stocker


“Absolutely LOVE the scrubs from Mom’s Day package.”

-Christina Dingman